Herman Cain's Presidential Campaign in Shambles After Sexual Harassment, Affair Allegations

December 1, 2011, by Okorie Okorocha

It seems like ages ago that we were first hearing about allegations that Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain had engaged in sexual harassment when he headed up the National Restaurant Association.

In only three weeks, it seems his campaign has imploded and may soon be over. Herman Cain has gone from atop the polls to the bottom after two more women came forward alleging sexual harassment, and another now says the two had an "on and off" affair for the last 13 years.
As the Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyer Blog reported in early November, Cain's alleged conduct follows the path of many men and women in power in the United States today.

In workplaces where this conduct goes unreported, it flourishes. If people in power, typically bosses or supervisors, are allowed to use that power and influence to hold it over subordinates, the workplace is a prime place for sexual harassment in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers see everyday examples of offices or organizations where sexually explicit e-mails, offensive jokes or even outward requests for sexual favors are made. All of these are blatant examples of sexual harassment.

Co-workers simply aren't allowed to make sexual jokes, make unwanted touches, talk about sex or do other unlawful acts. But the power comes in the victim. If the victim decides to "let it go" or "move on," requests a transfer simply to get away or just "deal with it," the issue will only continue. And if the victim believes that ignoring it will make it go away, it may go away for one person, but another may fall victim.

A recent Wall Street Journal article looks at whether Cain will continue running his campaign despite the backlash. Cain has denied all allegations, but there have been five such examples of alleged sexual misbehavior in the last month. He has told the news media he will make a decision soon.

In the first allegations, the news media reported that two women had reached settlements with the restaurant association after Cain allegedly sexually harassed them while he was in leadership. Then, two additional women came forward in the weeks after the story broke, also alleging harassment.

Then, most recently, a Georgia woman said Cain, the former Godfather's Pizza CEO, had an "on and off" affair with her for more than a decade. She told a TV station he would buy her gifts and send her on trips to destination spots to meet up with him.

Sexual harassment is a major allegation. And while it may be looked at less seriously than in years past, Americans still treat it as a big misstep. But, strangely, victims don't always report it. They sometimes think that if they do, their careers could suffer. That's called retaliation and that's also unlawful. There are laws to protect victims and Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers are here to help.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of sexual harassment in Orange County or in any of the surrounding areas, it is critical for you to contact an Orange County Sexual Harassment attorney. Contact the California Legal Team at (800) 285-1763 to discuss your rights.

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